About PSL Services/STRIVE

PSL Services/STRIVE is a non-profit located in South Portland, Maine, that supports individuals from tween to adult age with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We at PSL Services/STRIVE are committed to being part of the community and assisting people with emotional and intellectual disabilities to live with dignity and respect as active members of our community. At PSL Services/STRIVE we work with the individuals who have selected us to support them in the life they have chosen.

Intellectual and developmental disabilities services:

-Community Supports

-STRIVE, a program for young teens, tweens and adults

-Case Management

-STRIVE U, a post secondary educational program

-Mental health

and more!

We provide ongoing advocacy and community education, offering an environment of respect, education, openness, trust and seamless support to enhance learning, success and self-esteem.

We also provide the support necessary to make maximum use of social, political, cultural and recreational resources in our community and society at large.

Our commitment is to the individuals who have selected PSL Services/STRIVE to support them in the life they have chosen.

If this is your first time hearing about STRIVE- nice to "meet" you!

Feel free to visit our website, to get to know more about us!

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